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Batman: a writer’s retrospective

The Dark Knight Rises marks the end of Christopher Nolan’s seminal Batman series, the existential tale of Bruce Wayne that has captivated millions. Now the dust has settled, the cape hung up, Concrete’s writers and editors celebrate and reflect upon the trilogy, the finale, and what it’s meant to them. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below.

Andrew Wilkins
Co-editor of Concrete Film

Rather than milk the creative cash cow for all its financial worth, Nolan has successfully and respectfully severed his ties with the caped crusader, knotting all relevant plot threads into a succinct and bittersweet bow. His iconic and unparalleled Batverse comes to a climactic finale in a superhero trilogy with a bar now set so high, even muscle bound super soldier Bane would think twice before trying to lift it. Undoubtedly, the finale can’t quite compete with the legendary heights of its predecessor The Dark Knight, but what it lacks in genius it makes for in sheer spectacle with an ending so dramatic and fitting, it’s almost too hard to say goodbye.

Favourite Film: The Dark Knight

Kieran Rogers
Co-editor of Concrete Film

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy will always be indicative of event cinema. Though not my favourite of the three (Begins holds that mantle, as the film I believe to have the most rounded and concise story), my standout memory is of The Dark Knight: seeing it as a teenager in a sold out multiplex on its opening night. Ever since, I have yet to have a greater experience with such unified expectation, excitement and awe. And while Rises is far from the perfect film, it is also a satisfactory conclusion to a series that has offered so much.

Favourite Film: Batman Begins

Amy Adams
Concrete Editor-in-chief

I’m not the biggest Christian Bale fan but the supporting cast have always made the Batman trilogy for me. Of course Heath Ledger’s Joker is a huge part of that, but there are so many others – I mean, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine? I’m pretty sure they are everybody’s two dream grandfathers right there.

Favourite film: The Dark Knight Rises

Billy Sexton
Co-editor of Concrete Sport

It’s the best trilogy I’ve seen (though I’m yet to see The Godfather – shameful), blowing Lord of the Rings out of the water. It also solidifies Batman as the greatest of all superheroes. Man of Steel has lots to live up to.

Favourite Film: The Dark Knight Rises

Sam Langan

Christopher Nolan and his reliable team have changed everything we know about storytelling within the art of cinema. I’ll take away the pathos of The Dark Knight trilogy; all three films are complex, cerebral, twisted and vindictive but despite this, they’re all hugely entertaining. It’s because of this crucial ingredient that will make the trilogy stand the test of time. I doubt even, that there’ll ever be another trilogy that can even match its scale and sincerity.

Favourite Film: The Dark Knight Rises

Megan Fozzard

Looking back at Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, I can now see what it is that sets these films apart from other comic book adaptations. The last two films manage to be relevant to the modern world, especially if you look at the villain’s plans. In TDK, the Joker acts as a terrorist not dissimilar to the attacks we see all round the world, and fear particularly in post-9/11 western society. And in BB and TDKR, Bane and the League of Shadows aim to bring down the rich of Gotham in an extreme version of the Occupy movement. Nolan plays on our fears perfectly.

Favourite Film: The Dark Knight

Matt Francis

I love how Nolan’s world of Batman breaks away from the cheesy and camp. The stories are conceivable and everything is explained rationally. Even characters like Catwoman and Scarecrow seem to work perfectly in Nolan’s series. For me this element makes the trilogy the best superhero films of all time.

Favourite Film: The Dark Knight

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