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Five ways to beat the mid-term blues

We’re halfway through the semester. The elation of being away from home has ebbed as the dirty dishes have piled up in the sink, the joy of seeing uni friends has died down as the bickering has grown, and you have began to realise that the amount of coursework you should have started weeks ago is not going to go away.

Plus, you really should have got a part-time job by now. And there’s all this planning to do for the future, and it’s got to be done … now!

It’s no wonder that so many students are stressed out, but how can you deal with it? Try our stress-busting techniques, and feel refreshed and ready to start all that coursework!


There seems to be no limit to the wonders of exercise. It can slim you down, tone you up, and more importantly stop you stressing. It does not make the stress go away, but it will make you feel calm enough to deal with things rationally and stop seeing little problems as insurmountable obstacles.

Chat to friends

It might not seem sensible to spend time with your friends when a deadline is looming, but a good natter can do wonders. A simple chat can take your mind off things and help you get a nice sense of perspective. Try going for walks with your friends and get exercise and a nice break from work at the same time.

Meditation and yoga

You have probably heard this all before, but it really works. For some help on how to get started, try the Buddhist meditation at the chaplaincy on Friday afternoons, or join the yoga club (they do lessons three times a week).

If you like staying in your room, YouTube has some excellent videos to offer – try Yogatic (and you don’t have to pay a thing).

Work on your time management

This one’s not so fun, but it’s still useful. It may not feel like it sometimes, but you don’t have to work all the time! To get the work done which you need to do, look at what you really need to do and focus on that. Talk to your adviser or tutors for more help.

Do something you enjoy

Try to do something every few days which makes you feel happy. Play your favourite video game, or try to do something creative for the sense of pride it gives you. Give your mood a boost!

  • Share your tips on how to chillax – comment below. 

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