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The excitement of the new term is always coloured with a tinge of sadness – it means that summer is officially over and we can already hear the pitter-patter of essay deadlines scuttling towards us with sadistic alacrity. But while we may mourn, there’s no reason why your skincare or makeup should suffer. To share more tips for helping others maintain their summer glow, tweet @Conc_Fashion

Heroic Hair Masks

After a long summer of ill-treatment at the hands of chlorine pools, sea water and UV rays (that’s right, hair can get sunburnt too!), your locks are bound to be looking a little lackluster and dull. As the autumn showers begin to pour, giving you the appearance of either a drowned rat or a poodle, depending on your hair type, you’ll definitely need to give your mane some extra TLC!

In the case of frizz and fly-aways, keep a little bottle of hair oil handy so if necessary you can smooth down your hair between lectures. We love the L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil (Boots, £9.99), it’s a super light, non-greasy formula which smells amazing – it makes your hair sleek without going too ‘Danny Zuko’ and offers UV protection if the sun decides to pop out unexpectedly.

To give your hair back its moisture and shine, Venue recommends using coconut oil. It’s cheap (Superdrug’s own brand is only £2.29 for a tub), can help repair sun damage and even stimulate hair growth! It’s full of fatty acids, which are miracle workers for dry hair or skin, and best of all it’ll make you smell like a Bounty bar, what’s not to love?

Exfoliating Expert

To keep your skin feeling velvety smooth even as the cold weather closes in, exfoliation is key. For a go-to exfoliator that you can cobble together from bits and bobs in your kitchen cupboard, pour granulated sugar (this acts as the exfoliator which will buff away dry, dead skin) into a bowl with some olive oil (this will put the moisture back into your skin) with some lemon juice (a natural version of a chemical peel which exfoliates, tones and brightens) and a tablespoon of honey for a nourishing, hydrating treat. This will do wonders for skin that got slightly overcooked on holiday!

Ocean Sea Salt Scrub (Lush, £7.25) is a must-have rescue remedy for acheiving smooth skin. This combination of natural ingredients means your skin is in no danger of being exposed to any harsh chemicals. However, it should never be used as part of your daily skin care routine – make it a once a week treat, and you will reap the benefits of this sensational scrub.

Sun-kissed Saviour

To imitate that fresh-off-the-plane golden glow, all you need is some carefully chosen cosmetics. For a glittery rose-gold summer eye that won’t break the bank, look no further than the Sleek Oh So Special eye-shadow palette (Boots, £7.99) which hosts a range of flattering colours in golds, pinks and even a cheeky burgundy – perfect for autumn!

To fake a tan without committing to a classic mitt and mousse fake bake, there’s no better product than a bronzer. Another low budget option, the cult favourite Bourjois Delice de Poudre bronzer (Boots, £7.99) has a great shimmery glow and as a bonus smells like a chocolate bar!

Tanning Tactics

If you’ve been on holiday and you’re scared of your golden glow fading then tinted moisturiser is the answer, not fake tan. Although fake tanning is great, it takes a lot of practise and can be a disaster. A good tinted moisturiser is less harsh and shouldn’t leave you smelling like a packet of biscuits. There are a wide range of products on the market right now, including Dove Summer Glow Lotion (Boots, £4.99), Garnier Summer Body (Boots, £5.10) and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Gradual Tanning Moistursier (Boots, £5.35). Be sure to exfoliate your hands before applying and wash your hands afterwards!

Happy Hands

As the weather turns colder it can have harsh consequences on your skin, particuarly your hands. To prevent them from becoming dry, moisturise your hands throughout the day to ensure your fingers and palms don’t become damaged. Botanics Intensive Hand Cream

(Boots, £2.99) is a non-greasy formula that is guaranteed to keep your hands moisturised for up to 48 hours!


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