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Becky Hill: The Powerhouse at LCR

Becky Hill is one of the top pop artists of the century. With hit after hit in the charts, it’s no wonder her gig at UEA’s LCR was sold out. With a voice like hers, the LCR was an ideal venue that truly showcased her vocal talent and stage presence. 

Before Becky took to the stage on October 15th, we had a set from R&B soul singer Richard Fairlie. A charismatic singer-songwriter, Richard intertwines the sounds of hip-hop and R&B in his music. 

After his set, Fairlie came down into the crowd to take photos and chat to his fans. With reactions like “Richard signed my hand, I’m never going to wash again!”, I’m sure Norwich will be a gig he remembers. 

About half an hour later, Becky Hill walked on stage and opened with the classic, ‘Heaven on my Mind’. Immediately the crowd were singing along and in the mood for the next hour and a half of Becky Hill bangers! 

She then dove straight into ‘Afterglow’, an unexpected surprise as I assumed she’d close the gig with this single. An excellent choice from her nonetheless, as her engagement with the crowd heightened. 

Hill goes on to talk about her debut album, Only Honest On The Weekend, released this year that she encouraged everyone to go home and listen to. Becky spoke of how proud she was to finally have her own album and proceeded to share the vulnerability she felt writing particular songs like ‘lessons’ and ‘perfect people’. The latter being an especially emotional rendition, stripped back to its acoustic form with just Becky, her guitar, and honest lyricism. 

It’s also worth highlighting how Becky mentioned the exhaustion of doing 17 shows in 3 weeks, as well as on this particular night having an ear infection in her left ear. Considering she didn’t feel 100%, there’s no doubt she absolutely gave it her all. 

There was a good mix of new songs off the album as well as playing all her well-known hits, so no one was disappointed. Before explaining how she doesn’t do encores, Becky ended her set with ‘Wish You Well’, a perfect final choice in my opinion. 

Often branded as a ‘singles’ singer, it was clear Becky was determined to prove those wrong and that she can in fact write her own album. With questions like “why release a debut album now, after being in the industry for ten years?” Hill had high expectations to meet which she absolutely smashed at the LCR. 

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