Beef nine days past use-by date detailed in UEA shop food hygiene report

Following an inspection on 13 December, the ‘Shop AT UEA’ was given a food hygiene rating of 1 on a scale of 0 to 5. 

Concrete requested a copy of the food safety officer’s report on which the food hygiene rating was based and found multiple contraventions (matters which do not comply with the law) had been raised.

The following items of unfit food were seized and destroyed in the food hygiene inspector’s presence as they were past their use-by dates:

o  Brakes wafer-thin roast beef (nine days past use-by date)

o  Shredded iceberg lettuce (eight days past)

o  Pulled pork BBQ meat (six days past)

o  Brakes ham (six days past)

o  Brakes chicken, bacon, and sweetcorn (five days past)

o  Brakes chicken tikka (three days past)

o  Brakes tuna mayonnaise (two days past)

The report also detailed multiple items which posed a general risk of cross-contamination with bacteria or allergens, including the use of the same tongs for handling raw and ready-to-eat foods when cooking burgers. The inspector also noted the shop “could not demonstrate effective disinfection of equipment and utensils used for both raw and ready-to-eat foods, either by heat or an adequate dishwasher cycle”.

Under the ‘Food Hazard Identification and Control’ heading, it was noted that: “Staff training is inadequate. Staff not aware of safe food handling practises, nor following anything in the old [information] pack, despite having formal training”.

The inspector also noted the walk-in freezer and basement store floor were dirty and fridge shelves with cracked plastic coating which needed repairing or replacing.

Phil Steele, Director of Commercial Services at UEA, said: “We are very disappointed with this result and we have already taken measures to improve our processes from this audit, which was carried out at a time when the shop was suffering from key staff shortages due to Covid-19. Since the audit, all staff have been retrained on food safety, and we have brought in additional training for all staff and reviewed our processes to ensure we meet all necessary standards. “We are committed to providing a shop fit for the needs of our students and all of these measures have been brought in ahead of the start of the spring semester in the next couple of weeks. We will be inviting Environmental Health Officers (EHO) to return to the shop for a  re-audit as soon as possible and we’re very confident that they will see a marked improvement”.

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