When it comes to Christmas shopping you’ll want to get in the mood no matter where you are. Whether you are trawling through Intu Chapelfield for the perfect gift or ordering your loved ones something online and struggling to make the minimum delivery spend, you need a good Christmas tune to make it all more enjoyable. After all, Christmas music isn’t just for shopping; you can listen to it whilst wrapping gifts, writing Christmas cards, and decorating your house with a thousand fairy lights.

Part of the fun of Christmas shopping is getting to listen to different varieties of Christmas music, but the main focus should always be the shopping. The disadvantage you will encounter in the shops will be that you are at the mercy of the shop managers Christmas tastes, and some of these can be pretty dire! Given the choice, I would only go Christmas window shopping and buy the rest of the gifts online, so that you cut down the amount of time that you have to spend only half hearing the songs over the screams of children and the shouts of parents threatening to tell Santa about their behaviour.

Find a chilled café where the Christmas music is tasteful and relax whilst having a mince pie and a coffee. Don’t get swept up in the Christmas frenzy of discounts and bargains. This is ultimately not what the time of year is about and should not be encouraged.

Why not make your own playlist, order the gifts online and have yourself a relaxed night in whilst singing along to a few of your favourite Christmas songs? There are some songs that should always be included into your Christmas playlist no matter what activity you are doing. Fairytale of New York has to be on there, but I would not put it at the beginning of your playlist – that way you’ll look forward to it unexpectedly popping up. Plus you have the added bonus of singing along in your own home so that nobody hears that dreadful version of Slade!

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