Being light-fingered in hotel rooms

As most ardent Friends fans will be aware, Ross is notorious on the TV sitcom for knowing what is up for grabs in your hotel room and what is not. He is shown to teach Chandler the ways of the hotel freebie, and is proud when Chandler comes to the realisation that the light bulb is rightfully theirs but the lamp is not. So in the world of hotel complimentaries, what is fair game?

Hotel rooms tend to be decked out with a myriad of luxury toiletry items, all delightfully ‘mini’. For an extravagant night’s stay, the hotel provides plenty of diddy shower-gels, shampoos and conditioners in a multitude of scents. These are all yours for the taking. Use what you may, but take the spares. Who is the hotel to deny that you used six small bottles of shampoo in your one night stay? Be flagrant in your accumulation of free fragrances.

The light bulbs and the batteries that fuel the electrical appliances in your room should also be duly considered in your quest for hotel-room perks. You paid for a well-lit room, and the hotel is not to deny you this. Your rooms will be well-lit, be it your hotel-room or your bedroom at home. They have offered you the service, and it is a bright idea for you to take them up on their offer.

In a Telegraph article on the most common stolen goods from hotels, they noted that 7% of British travellers have admitted to taking the Bible home with them after their stay at the hotel. While the Telegraph considers this to be ironically breaking “the eighth commandment”, this is not true. The Bible is by no means the hotel’s property, but is charitably donated to the room, and thus to the occupier.

While it is not recommended to try to half-inch some of the more obscure items in your room, you cannot but admire the expertise of those who make the effort. Some hotels have reported that occupants have taken “everything” from inside the room. Whilst obviously criminal, their Mary-Poppins bag and espionage agility is something that should be revered. To steal the bed, furnishings and decorations from a room is by no means an easy feat; neither is walking through the lobby straddling the chest of drawers and wardrobe that you took.

While hotel guests are notoriously light-fingered, they are by no means criminal. Follow the mantra of “take the extras, leave the furnishings” and you can travel home blissfully guilt-free with your bathroom and tea-cupboard gloriously restocked.


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jodiesnow Jodie is a second year English Literature student who appears to be the only section editor without a strong liking for tea. When she is literally not drinking tea, you will find Jodie making the most of her season pass to the LCR and trying her luck at writing editorial bios.

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