Believe the hype, it’s the best bit

The build up to Christmas and the New Year is probably the best part of the whole Christmas holidays. Even though on the actual Christmas Day we get all the presents and the required family time, it is the excitement along the way that makes this the best holiday ever.

While some people celebrate after Halloween, or Thanksgiving, I start exploding with Christmas cheer on the first of December, which is the best time to bring out the classic Christmas movies, make hot chocolate with marshmallows and dance around in your favourite Christmas socks to your favourite Christmas songs.

Don’t get me wrong, Christmas Day is great, but after you open the presents there’s never anything to do after opening all the presents except have the usual lazy day. During the build-up for Christmas you have something to look forward to each day – it’s another excuse to go shopping and spend your money on unnecessary things instead of getting your aunt that shirt she always wanted.

After Christmas is over, we can start planning and building up our expectations for New Years’ Eve- which usually never goes as we want either.

I always feel a bit disoriented afterChristmasandI’mleftconfused on New Years’ Day. On New Years’ Eve we get the fireworks, the sparkly outfits, the last dinner of the year, the ‘see you next year’ jokes and heaps of hope and goals for the year to come. But then on the day there are no more fireworks, and the make-up doesn’t look as good as last night.

Therefore, don’t let anyone tell you it’s not worth the hype or that’s it’s too early to start prepping up for Christmas and New Year’s. The earlier you start the longer the Christmas you get.


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Daniela Ponjuan Sanabria