Best of 2016’s fashion II


We have seen embroidered jeans and jackets covered in patches everywhere. Who knew sewing goals was going to become a thing? (Has it, or did I just make that up). Flowers power jeans and patch covered denim jackets have definitely been a high point of 2016.

The Choker

The chokers this year are bigger and better. From the thin plastic one to the borderline turtle neck, statement chokers have made a revival. Would 2016 be the same without the use a shoelace choker life hack? I don’t think so.

Bomber Jacket

Think Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction, I will never get over that brown bomber jacket and apparently neither has 2016. The Bomber jacket has made a come back for both men and women and we’re loving it. Mary Berry, Bruce Willis, who else do you need to convince you?

Brows on fleek

I don’t know how or when it happened but I have seemed to subtly develop a significant obsession with eyebrows. I never thought I’d say that after I preclaimed to my Mum at 13 ‘Why would anyone pluck their eyebrows, it just hurts!’. The constant stream of instagram videos of people drawing on their eyebrows has proven me otherwise. Is it magic? Is it Benefit Brow Zings? Who knows.

The Flare

The flare has finally made a comeback, if someone told you 3/4 length flares would be the must have trouser this year I’m pretty sure we would be sceptical but despite all odds the culotte happened. It’s 2016 anything can happen.


The chrome nail is so fabulous and futuristic and ‘how do they do that’ it’s definitely a keep for 2017. Nails that double as a mirror was never going to be a bad thing.


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