Former generations, alas, were at a dispiriting loss of technological aids to help them in their student endeavours – finding money, writing essays, ordering takeaway after a night out splashing too much cash at the LCR. Fortunately for us, now there’s an app for all those and more. Concrete runs down the list of our favourite student apps.


Splitting the bills

There are many bill-splitting apps out there, but few specifically designed for students or for managing bills in a student household – the majority focus instead on splitting restaurant bills between friends. While these can be useful too (see below for two of the most-highly rated versions of the concept), IOU from StudentMoneySaver is specifically designed for negotiating those tricky student finances.

The add-on application works via Facebook, allowing you to add your housemates so that everyone can see and keep track of who owes what and to whom. Provided all your other housemates are amenable, it works well at minimizing conflict and awkward conversations. Check out the guide at

See also: (iPhone only); Splitwise (both platforms).


Just Eat, the well publicised restaurant-takeaway website, now have an app as well. Allowing you to scroll through local restaurants, check opening times, pay by credit card and pre-order food for later, there’s much to love about this hungry-student-ready app.

Domino’s Pizza – which has the advantage of including all their online deals – and HungryHouse, which is offering 20% off for Android users until 31 January with code ‘Jandroid’.

Going out/Getting home

If you’re prepping for a night out in student clubland, Mixology’s your app. Allowing you to find and select new drinks recipes by ingredient, liquor content and even glassware, it’s perfect for pre-drinks. And if you’d like to mix things up even more, you can always combine it with the Android app “Drinking Games” for a truly unforgettable – or should that be un-remember-able? – night out.

Lambrini has also finally made the savvy marketing choice to embrace its primary audience – students looking to get hammered on a wine so cheap that no-one else will touch it – and developed an app, ‘Lambrini Bodyguard’. The app tells you both exactly how many units there are in a 1litre Lambrini bottle and the number for the nearest minicab office home. Despite being rife with promotional plugs for its products, the app makes a solid stab at encouraging student safety and warding off binge drinking.

Also helpful is Cabwise; Circle of Six, an app developed by a New York-based women’s safety group. At the push of a button, it can text-alert a ‘circle’ of six appointed friends as to your location, as well as providing links to cab services.

Timetable planner

For Android, ‘Timetable’, features a clean, beautiful interface that is almost intimidatingly simple to start using. For a more recognizable and detailed, spreadsheet-style tracker, My Class Schedule (Android) or Class Timetable (iPhone) are stylishly functional. Never miss a lecture again.