The best of subscription boxes

Subscription boxes are aimed to provide a variety of products for an affordable price. They’re a great way to try out products that you might not have thought about before. Some of the companies also allow you to choose your own products, so you’re not left with products you don’t want. Here, we review a few of our favourites.


This subscription box is the one that supposedly started it all. It’s one of the most popular, priced at £10 a month or £110 for the year. The box comes with five beauty treats that work for you. They ask you to provide details on your hair, skin and style.


Each Glossybox comes in their iconic pink box. This box is also £10 a month and you recieve at least 5 beauty products. You can also see what products you’ll be getting so you can decide if it’s worth it.

Latest In Beauty

Latest In Beauty have many different style boxes. There is a lot to choose from, such as the Harper Bazaar box with the value of £224, available for just £50. They include a lot of full size products which makes it worth the price. The subscription service they offer allows you to choose your own products. You can get three products for £9, six for £15 and nine for £18.

Look Fantastic

Look Fantastic guarantee each box will be worth at least £40. It’s a great way to discover new products and also try out cult classics. There is more of a surprise with this box as they don’t reveal what products you’ll be getting. They do however provide a sneak peek.

Pink Parcel

The Pink Parcel aims at making your period as relaxing and as possible. It’s a great way to pamper yourself and get the essentials every month, from toiletries to treats and make up to face masks. Most of their boxes can fit through the letter box. You can arrange the delivery to a certain time of the month.

The Pip Box

Entirely cruelty free, you recieve at least five beauty products for £14.99. For every box sold, 50p is donated to Animal Research UK. They always provide a full size product and will never feature a one time use product, like other boxes may. You’ll also never get the same product twice as each box is unique.

Treasure Tress

Aimed at people with “kinky curly hair”, Treasure Tress has three types of boxes. There’s a Mini-Me Box for 2-9 year olds; a Tween Box for 10-18 year olds; and the Kween Box for women. All boxes are £200.


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