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Beyonce for H&M: a success?

Beyonce needs no introduction. She is the woman of the moment. According to Forbes she is the most powerful and influential musician in the world. Millions of people admire her and more want to be her – so kudos to H&M for making her the face and collaborator of the summer campaign. Now that is a smart marketing strategy!


Her 2013 beachwear collection is based on the idea that women can be whoever and however they please – strong, vulnerable, sensual, maternal, fun and flirtatious to name but a few. According to Beyonce, this line explores the “different emotions of women represented by the four elements – fire, water, earth and wind.”

The collection itself is very H&M, it is nothing special or outstanding and to say it screams Beyonce would be a misjudgement. In fact, you could be forgiven for thinking she had no actual design input.

There are some lovely pieces in this collection: the animal print maxi dress and the mountain view body-con number are personal favourites. The rest of the collection seems to me, average high street beachwear. Nothing too fancy or mind blowing. As always with H&M the products are the quality you would expect with their always affordable prices. However, 25% of the tie-dye bikini profits will go to water aid which is a move that cannot be ignored.

The adverts for this highly anticipate line have caused a stir, with many billboards being censored by disapproving members of the public. Yet a word of warning: do not expect the clothes to look as they do on the billboards. Apparently Beyonce demanded the photos remained unedited, whether or not this is just a PR stunt to increase hype for the collection is definitely questionable.

It’s doubtful that this collection will cause as much of a stir as other H&M collaborations. The collection blends in with the other clothes in store and you’ll need a keen eye to hunt the pieces out. Nonetheless, her die hard fans and unsuspecting members of the public will snap it up.


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