Biden has no shot against Trump

This year, Americans will go to the polls and determine whether or not Donald Trump will get a second term in office. The presumptive candidate to stop Mr Trump is former vice-president Joe Biden, a choice that proves the Democrats haven’t learned anything from 2016. With Biden, they are doomed to be out of office for another four years at least. 

Biden’s image as being the “high-profile candidate” is something hard to ignore. Like Hilary Clinton four years ago, Biden is all about personality and popularity: the choice of the Democrats’ old guard. The former vice-president was less than convincing through most of the debates for the Democrats’ nomination compared to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who were far more passionate, and actually tackled the major issues in America ongoing from Trump’s first term. 

Sanders, the veteran Vermont senator, was more firebrand this time around and set out his vision to tackle domestic issues like poverty and healthcare, plus the gun crisis that has seen countless lives lost in massacres across America. You’d have thought with Sanders actually offering a different platform, the Democrats would learn their lesson, but no, they haven’t. They’ve gone with personality, not progress – a fatal error, one that didn’t work in 2016 and won’t in 2020 either.

This election will be a rerun of 2016, the only pull Biden will have with voters is pulling the “anyone but Trump” card, but it will have the same result – four more years of King Donald, a man who goes about business with a fake crown. Has he forgotten that America doesn’t like kings? Just ask George III. 

The Democrats really could have gone at it with this election by favouring Sanders over Biden. This year alone has proven, with Trump’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, that he is simply an embarrassment to the office, putting the focus on ‘getting the economy working’ while over 30,000 Americans die.

Such a response from any president before him would have resulted in an acrimonious resignation or successful impeachment. Of course, Trump has faced an impeachment trial, but once again, he has avoided the negative electoral effect.

Biden is no good egg. He represents the affluent white-collar establishment just as much as Trump, and there is no way he’ll tap into the Trump voter base, they’ll be too loyal to Trump. But that is not as important. The fresh allegations of sexual assault from Tara Reade, a former aid of his, from activity in the early 90s doesn’t bode well for anyone trying to appeal to the public for the role of president, especially not female voters. 

The Democrats’ choice to back Biden amid these allegations spells the end of any political decency. It truly shows their deeper interests and where their loyalties lie. This amount of controversy that Hilary Clinton experienced, the leaking of secure emails during her time as Secretary of State, is nothing compared to this and shows Biden for who he really is.

Biden’s health has put detriment to his campaign too. His questionable mental condition will put him on the ropes in debates.  Donald Trump Jr. has already made this personal by questioning the former vice-president’s health. Biden isn’t the only presidential candidate to suffer underlying health issues. Ronald Reagan showed signs of mental disturbance during his 1984 midterm against Walter Mondale but managed to win a landslide victory. This won’t happen to Biden.

Having Joe Biden as their nominee for presidency will be the bullet in the Democrats’ foot. With Sanders now gone, the Democrats have blown a big chance. Biden won’t be the lesson from 2016, it will be the repeat of it.

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