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We see people in the streets:

Eyes ablaze, voices loud, hearts angry;

More aware of injustice than we’ve ever been.

 We will not be silenced.

We ask to be taught our past

To know better, do better, be better –

Statues are falling, attitudes are evolving, people are learning.

We demand a better future.

We see people on our screens, 5pm everyday

Spouting words of violence, of excuses, of politics.

They twist messages, silence what they don’t like, push their own agendas.

Smiling to our faces whilst stabbing the knife in our backs –

They are complicit.

Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it:

How does it feel to fail entire generations?

Change is required.

Education, housing, healthcare, government, policing,

Business, law, media, employment, finance – everywhere.

“I don’t see colour!”, “I have black friends!”, “It’s only a few bad apples!”

The supremacy of one race is entrenched in all parts of the system –

If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention.

Ignorance is not an excuse.

So, what can I do?

Educate yourself, raise awareness, start difficult conversations –

Learn the parts of history you weren’t taught in school.

Allyship goes beyond a hashtag, and lasts longer than when it’s just trending.

The UK is not innocent.

Olaseni Lewis.

Edson Da Costa.

Rashan Charles.

Sharif Cousins.

Abdi Ali.

Trevor Smith.

Shukri Abdi.

Christopher Kapessa.

Belly Mujinga.

The list goes on.

Injustice continues.

The status quo is no longer acceptable.

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