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Blindward review: UEA Drama Society

The drama society’s play ‘Blindward’ was a very interesting piece. With the combination of sound effects, lighting, and the script, it was an intriguing performance. The play was about the uncertainty of life and how different people deal with that. The play is set on a ship, but there is no set destination said within the play, so we don’t actually know where the characters are going or where they’re going to end up. The main characters are Baggo, Madame Doris, Ublo, and Clemt, who all represent the different ways in which we deal with uncertainty. I feel that the role of Madame Doris teaches the audience the most, as we learn to embrace the doubt, and almost live life with no regrets and also living life to its full potential. I feel that all of the actors performed brilliantly, and all performed their characters excellently.

The use of lighting and sound effects within the production made us as the audience feel a part of the set. For example, when Clemt dropped the lamp, and the lights went out made us feel like we were on the ship with them. There was a minimal amount of props on the stage which helped us as the audience focus on the effect of the narrative and being taught. Only the centre of the stage was lit throughout the performance, which I feel reinforced the outline of the ship. Audiences saw this when the characters were trying to throw a rope down the side of the ship, and they didn’t move much out of the lit area.

I had the opportunity to talk with Issa, who wrote the play. The inspiration of the play was “the widespread feeling of uncertainty that is stemming from an array of different things such as politics, the environment, social change, regressive rhetoric technological advancement etc.… and the need to theatricalise this feeling and the human need for certitude”.  The name of the play got me questioning the meaning the play, and how it linked in. Issa said: “The idea of uncertainty versus certainty I’d been sitting on for a while and how best to theatricalise it. The idea of the fog and boat came from my own experience this summer when I was on a ferry in America”. This definitely did come across within the production as the white lighting represents the fog and the props on stage represented the boat as well as the characters talking about being on the ship.

Overall, I do feel that the play was an excellent success, and it was thoroughly enjoyable, as personally, I do love performances that get me thinking. A huge congratulations to all that took part in the performance on stage and backstage, I do think that the play is a ‘must-watch’ and I look forward to future productions from the drama society.


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January 2022
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