Blood Like Honey – Hurricane Headaches

There was an era in the late noughties when British rock bands knew how to make a chorus. Not just a repeated verse with identical lyrics, but a chorus. Hooks and all. It doesn’t take long before Blood Like Honey remind everyone what that’s like on their new EP, Hurricane Headaches. Opener 67 wastes no time setting out what the band seek to do on their second EP, harking back to the days when Canterbury was a band as well as a place and Deaf Havana played the Arts Centre, not the LCR.

Hurricane Headaches is a beefy slab of alt-rock as it should be. The drums? Big. The bass? Big. Guitar? You guessed it. Marrying the meatiest of instrumentations with lines will glue to the inside of your mind for weeks, across five songs the band show why they are some of the leading lights of the Norwich rock revival. From 67’s mission statement to Amsterdam Harbour’s atmospheric instrumentation, via the future pit starter Annex, the Norwich trio demonstrate a devotion and thought to their material beyond the typical offerings of DIY bands.

An exceptionally strong 5-track slice of joy, Hurricane Headaches proves that the band are one of the British underground scenes hidden gems. Sleep on this EP at your own peril.


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