Books that make you Happy: All My Friends are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman

‘All My Friends Are Superheroes’ is the only book I have re-read every year since I stumbled across it back in 2015. Sitting at around 120 pages, it is the perfect book to settle down with a cup of tea and finish front to back by the time your brew is done. It tells the story of non-super Tom whose superhero wife, The Perfectionist, has been hypnotised by her super ex, Hypno, to make Tom invisible to her.

Now, I’m aware this plot sounds a little bizarre and to be honest with you, it is. The whole book is a wonderful examination of the weird and beautiful.  The novel features a page at the end of each chapter that lists the weird and wonderful ‘supers’ that inhabit their world – The Spooner, Someday and TV Girl, to name a few. These all highlight parts of the human consciousness that make us human and subsequently make us super. Kaufman uses this story to accentuate the beautiful mundanities of life and with each page I read, my spirit is lifted higher and higher.

The love story between Tom and The Perfectionist is truly gorgeous, even though neither of them is perfect. The story constantly switches between their present and their past. Their present features a race against time, one plane ride between her seeing her husband again and him letting her go. Their past features a wonderfully normal love story which allows you to connect with them in such a way that adds to the suspense of the present-day story.

‘All My Friends Are Superheroes’ is a lovely little book. Funny, sweet and heart-breaking, it is perfect for the end of a bad day. I’ll turn on the fairy lights, flick the kettle on and settle down with my favourite book.

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Niamh Brook

February 2021
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