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Boygenius is the melancholic brainchild of sad pop innovators: Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus, who have all turned the genre into something of a phenomenon. This EP is certainly one that will have you hooked and wanting to discover more. As a newcomer to this newly fused genre, I must confess I did not have huge hopes for the EP. Although I am reasonably fond of avant-garde and experimental artists, I thought this would be one of those tedious listens that left you waiting for that spark of excitement only to find it never came; how wrong I was.

Baker’s inspiration for this collaboration draws influence far and wide. The powerful sense of drone, the gloomy guitars and poignant lyrics are seen especially in Salt in the Wound, and opener Bite the Hand suggest hints of Florence + The Machine and Tom Waits. Baker with Bridgers and Dacus plays with a certain quality that manages to concoct both melancholy and wit into a pure but pleasant form, making for an engaging listen.     

Every track is imbued with an encompassing feeling that is personally presented to the listener. Baker, Bridgers and Dacus wilfully take the listener on a vivid journey with excellent melodies and harmonies that add a refreshingly reflective tone through these adventurous soundscapes. The songs form part of a jigsaw of the human condition that links to a wider artistic significance, for each track forms a conceptual layer that maps out this complete jigsaw; you don’t feel as though there is something missing. Indeed, this EP is a journey, highlighting alluring aspects of the human condition, that leaves you a lot better for the experience.

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September 2021
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