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Brand of the moment: Moloch

After a year of hard work, third year history student Alek Stoodley launched his own t-shirt brand Moloch online last month. Concrete Fashion caught up with him to chat about the brand, learning to sew and his plans for the future.

Photoshoot 283Photo: Chloe Hashemi.

We love the brand name Moloch, where did it come from?

Moloch clothing came from the 1927 film Metropolis. The scene on one of our t-shirts is of a group of industrial workers who are eaten by a monster named Moloch. I think it’s quite a striking image. The brand has moved on a bit since the original line, but I liked the name and stuck with it. I wanted to create a clothing brand that references cool cultural stuff like that.

How did the business start?

I have always been into design since I was 14 and 15. I got a t-shirt for Christmas and thought to myself, I could make something similar. I started off just messing around with t-shirts before deciding I wanted to do it properly.

What have you been up to, to get the brand ready to launch?

Over the last year, I have been trying to come up with designs. I had an original set of ideas but I ditched them. I also had to decide between screen and photo printing and then had to find somewhere that was willing to print cheaply. I then had to learn to sew for the pocket t-shirts which was difficult!

How did you come up with the designs?

The idea to use Liberty prints on the pocket t-shirts came from my Mum, who used to be a fashion buyer at Liberty. The printed t-shirts are all mainly based on vintage imagery. When I was looking for inspiration, I accidentally downloaded a load of vintage pornography! That is actually where the stripper t-shirt came from.

Photoshoot 283 2Photo: Chloe Hashemi.

Who runs the business mostly?

I do most of it, but my flatmate helps out. He actually came up with a lot of the ideas. My Mum is a great help as well.

Are you looking to expand the range in the future?

Obviously I would like to expand into shops, but I haven’t found anywhere that I feel suits the brand yet. I would love to make it work as a stand-alone business. I’m staying in Norwich next year to try and develop it. Especially given the current lack of graduate jobs, I think it is a good opportunity to do my own thing. It’s not really about profit at the moment, just doing something that I enjoy.

How much does it cost to get our hands on a Moloch design?

It costs £25 for a digital print and £15 for a pocket t-shirt. There’s currently a 25% starting discount with the code ‘fritzlang’.

Moloch clothing is available online at

Photographer: Chloe Hashemi. Models: Alek Stoodley and Billy Sexton.


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