‘Brexit is genuinely pointless’

Several of the most important votes in recent British political history took place this month. The first of these was another vote on Theresa May’s negotiated deal, also known as Meaningful Vote 2. This was once again rejected, though this time it was the fourth largest defeat in Parliamentary history as opposed to the largest. This shows both a fundamental lack of trust in the government, and that Parliament is unwilling to cooperate to find a real solution.

To be honest, my fundamental issue with Brexit, and why I’ve written probably several thousand words about it in this paper, is that Brexit is genuinely pointless. The only reason we’re here is because UKIP came out of nowhere and wanted to get rid of immigrants despite all economic facts contradicting their arguments, David Cameron wanted to provide more seats for the Conservatives, and Ed Miliband decided to eat a bacon sandwich like he didn’t have a mouth or hands on him, so obviously he was unelectable.

Theresa May has this month continued to run down the clock. She’s keeping the ball in the corner at the end of the match, except we’re 3-1 down and she knows it. If we’re lucky and we get a long extension, it will be on the basis of a general election or referendum. That would allow time to actually make something happen. But we’re so nearly at the breaking point, and even if we go past it, the same throng of people will have the same ludicrous issues. So the question is, what’s the point? What’s been the point this whole time? I don’t think there is one.

Brexit is a disaster. Theresa May is clueless. And Ed Miliband probably still can’t eat a sandwich.

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