After spending the majority of the last year living with a group of new people, the upcoming summer break can seem like a big separation and change. Particularly for freshers, moving back home for summer can be quite strange after all of the freedom of the past year.

It’s unlikely that you will be still drinking five times a week and, unless your parents are a lot more tolerant than mine, waking up at 5pm is no longer acceptable. On the flip side, your parents do tend to be willing to cook for you and wash your clothes with fabric conditioner and a tumble dryer, so the living is basically good.

While it’s great returning to friends you haven’t seen for months, at least one of whom will have changed their accent and seemingly entire personality while at their new university, it’s important to keep up the new relationships that you have established in the last few months. Luckily we live in an age of technology, and pretty much everyone has access to Facebook, texting, and Skype; all great ways of keeping in contact.

Regular snail mail can also be a fun way of keeping in contact, especially if you feel awkward on Skype or on the phone. Postcards from your trips in the summer can also be an interesting way of keeping in contact and most people still get really excited by the prospect of “real mail”.

With your student rail card, depending on whether you expended your entire student loan on vodka, there is always the additional option of cheap trips to meet up with friends or visit.
However you keep in touch and deal with life outside university, don’t worry too much. You’ll be back to sleeping all day and eating cold takeaway for breakfast before you know it.