Bring out your bras!

Calling all ladies! Do you have any spare bras that are in a clean and wearable condition? Bust sizes change, bras go past their best, and sometimes you buy one that doesn’t fit or is just plain uncomfortable.

According to research carried out by Oxfam, £1.2 billion worth of unworn bras are being hoarded by British women. Research shows that women on average own nine bras, but will only wear two thirds of these, whilst the other third will be left unworn and unloved.

These bras are problematic, as it’s difficult to know what to do with them, throw it away, recycle, pass it on? Oxfam has the solution to all of your lingerie woes!

Oxfam UK has launched the Big Bra Hunt. The campaign aims to encourage women from all over the country to donate their bras to Oxfam. The majority of their bras will be sent to Frip Ethique in Senegal, Africa. Here, they are sorted and sold on, meaning that underprivileged women in Africa are employed, and have a stable income. The money the bras raise goes towards the work that Oxfam do fighting poverty in Senegal and throughout Africa.

So, what are you waiting for? Get rummaging, ladies!

A group of second year UEA students are helping with the Big Bra Hunt Campaign. To get involved, all you have to do it bring your unworn and unwanted bras onto campus and to the Hive where a collection bin will be set up for you to donate easily and anonymously.

There will also be a stall set up in the Hive on Friday 18 May in the afternoon where you can donate and find out more about the campaign. To learn more about the Big Bra Hunt, order your own collection pack or to learn more about the work that Oxfam do in the work against poverty, visit oxfam.org.uk


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