Bringing creature comforts to university

So you are moving away from home, most likely for the first time, and this is probably the biggest leap of independence that you have ever taken. Leaving your effortless home life for first year halls is often the aspect of university that freshers’ worry about the most.

Home cooked meals and a daily washing and ironing service will soon be a distant memory and this may seem like a daunting prospect. Therefore, it is really important that you stay surrounded by your home comforts. Here are a few ways in which you can keep homesickness at bay and still embrace your new found freedom.


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Bring photographs
Photographs are undeniably the best way to help you feel at home in your new accommodation. They are a cheap and easy way to feel like you are surrounded by your friends, and colourful photo frames also help to brighten up and personalise a generic dull university room. Most university rooms have a pin board, which is ideal as it means you don’t have to mark the walls with blue tack. As well as all this, photographs are great conversation starters for you and your new flat mates, so it is well worth bringing along some photos.

Accessorise your room
A great way to make your university room feel more homely is by accessorising. Lamps and fairy lights immediately give your room a cosy, warm ambience. Another great means of making your new bedroom feel familiar is by bringing along your own bed sheets and pillows; this will make you feel settled and guarantee that you will have a great first night’s sleep.

Collect recipes from home
One of the biggest changes about moving away to university is the fact that you will have to cook for yourself every day, whether you can be bothered to or not. Even if you love cooking, after a while it always becomes a chore as it involves taking time out of your day when you would probably rather be nursing your hangover or meeting friends in the LCR. By bringing along a few recipes from home that are simple to make and minimal effort, you will save yourself the hassle of deciding what to cook and it is certain to remind you of home. Failing that, get a takeaway.

Install Skype
Skype is a university must-have, and a lifesaver. It is the next best thing to seeing your family and friends in real life. Whenever you are feeling down, just make a Skype date and you will feel better in no time.

Lastly, don’t bring too much
In your first few weeks of university, you will be bombarded with freebies from the Fresher’s Fair (mostly Dominos, Frisbees and posters) that will, without a doubt, junk up your room. Within days, your space will become personalised to you with all the bits and pieces you will collect along the way, so ensure that you do not bring too much from home. As important as it is to take home comforts to university with you, make sure that you leave space for all your new belongings.


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