Brits miss office banter as they work from home

A study by Vodafone has shown many people miss spending time with their colleagues and having office jokes and banter during the Coronavirus pandemic, which has forced them to work remotely. The study has shown that more than 40% of workers claim they miss their colleagues, with a further 41% stating they miss the office ‘banter’ the most since new restrictions from the government came into effect, forcing British workers to dramatically change their working conditions and daily routines by working from home. 51% of Brits have also said that the most valuable thing to come out of working from home is the extra time they are claiming back as a result of not commuting. One third (37%) say they are enjoying a lie-in, and being able to spend more time with their pets (20%). As well as our working routines changing, so too have the demands on the tech we rely on, with almost half (44%) unsurprisingly claiming that home broadband is the most valuable piece of tech used while working from home. 

Scott Petty, Vodafone UK Chief Technology Officer said: “In these turbulent times we’re proud to offer a range of services that can keep people connected with colleagues and help them adapt to new ways of working with as minimal disruption as possible. As well as ensuring our network stands up so people’s home broadband and mobile phones work efficiently, we will continue to offer insight and advice on how consumers can do their bit.”

He added: “Small things like avoiding scheduling conference calls on the hour or half past the hour will make a huge difference in helping us continue to work smoothly and productively from home.  Together we can get through these uncertain times and keep the UK running.”

UEA international student ambassador Nichole Lim said: “I even miss just walking past Congregation Hall and waving at everyone through the window on any other day. But what I miss most are definitely the truly insane stories and corny jokes that would make the hour fly by.”

She added: “We can still exchange sarcastic quips and witty comebacks over email, but laughing together in the office was really what made me happiest. It almost never felt like work, but I swear I was more productive then than I am now.”

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