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Cabaret: A night at the musicals

Minotaur Theatre Company’s Cabaret night was outstanding. In fact, I’ve still got some of the songs stuck in my head! From Hairspray to Rocketman to The Greatest Showman, the setlist was full of exciting and lively songs which really showed off the casts amazing talents.

The show raised money for Mind and The Survivors Trust which made the performances even more special, as every move and note just highlighted the passion of the cast for the charities.

Photos: Taken by Molly Bernardin and Ruby Belassie

Directors Priya Appleby and Erin Clancy put together a fab show, and every audience member had a massive smile on their face for the duration of the show. They chose their cast well, and alongside musical director, Verity Hodgeson-Bajoria chose a fantastic song list that had everyone humming along.

Compare’s Jai Ghosh and Izzy Robertson were entertaining and tried their best to fill the gaps in between songs with quick banter and laughs. On the whole, they were fantastic and definitely got better as the night went on and they relaxed more into the show. Perhaps for the earlier moments, they could have benefited with slightly more scripted parts and then eased into more improvised lines when they felt more relaxed on stage. I did see them on the opening night, however, and can only assume their performances on the other nights were a little nervous.

Photos: Taken by Molly Bernardin and Ruby Belassie

Choreographers Holly Richards and Amy Fitch did an amazing job. The dances were so energetic and smooth, even with so many people on stage at times. Every move was so carefully thought out, and I was in awe at how professional the dances were.

The costumes, lead by Joy Davey and Mae Duval, were wonderful and they all had a theme which matched the songs. Everyone looked so in sync, and it was such fun looking at all the costume changes and how well they went with the songs. Between the exciting dances and the fab costumes, there was never a dull moment, and my eyes always had a fun place to travel to.

Standout performances had to be the three boys on stage, Eitan Cartier, Matthew King and Harry Benjamin. Their stage presence was outstanding, and they lit up the stage with enthusiasm and joy.

Photos: Taken by Molly Bernardin and Ruby Belassie

The dancers, Amy Fitch, Ekaterina Dudakova, Ellie Martland, Holly Richards, Jessica Lester and Naomi Kendall, were one of the best parts of the show. Every time they were on stage, they set it alight with such a bright spark, and the way they seamlessly and flawlessly moved through the stage was remarkable. They really helped work with the singers to bring the words to life, and their movement added a fantastic energy to the performances.

The band were such an amazing addition to the show, and they really elevated the performances into classy, professional numbers and added such a lovely tone to the show. They were so talented, and I loved the way the songs sounded.

My favourite moments from the show were Jess Lester and Priya Appleby’s performances in ‘I’ve decided to marry you’, the performances of ‘Ex-wives’ and also the performance of ‘I can’t do it alone’.

Everyone was amazing, and I felt the show feeling uplifted and a spring in my step. The shows have raised over £1500 for the charities, and it was a pleasure to get to be an audience member of such a special show. I’d love to see another Cabaret night from the company.


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