Calling up a national footballer

Harry Knights is an undergraduate Business Marketing and Management student who has been active in the university football team for all of his three years at UEA. A strong centre-back, Harry also plays for Leiston Football Club in Suffolk, as well as having a call-up for the England Universities Football team. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus outbreak has put a hold on many of his footballing plans for the rest of the year.

“We had four games [for the England team], the first two games already scheduled are postponed until further notice. Everyone’s health and safety comes first, but it’s a bit annoying we can’t play.

“Both Leiston and UEA league’s been cancelled. [Leiston] were down near the bottom scrapping,” but he was relieved at the outcome of Leiston’s season, despite their last three matches against St Ives, Kings Langley and Needham Market ending in defeat.

“[Being] near the bottom [we] were just happy in a way but would have loved to see the season played out,” he said.

Nevertheless, Harry remains hopeful he will be able to pick up football from where he has set it down this spring.

“I’m doing a masters so hopefully [I can play next year]. I don’t know if we will have to trial again but hopefully I will get a chance to play in that as well.”

With next year being the Home Nations tournament, it is no wonder he is eager to get back on the pitch.

In the meantime, keeping up fitness is his main priority.

 “All I’ve been doing is running and gym,” he said. “I’m used to having a pretty structured day; having nothing to do is really quite difficult.”

Like all students, there is also plenty of coursework to be dealing with too.

“All my exams are now coursework, about seven or eight bits to do,” he said. “I’m trying to keep myself busy.”

Another fallout of the pandemic is the cancellation of this year’s sports tour to Croatia. After attending in his second year, Harry’s masters gives him the opportunity to go again next year. “I definitely want to go,” he said.

For those with another year of study there are more chances to meet goals, whereas other students may not be so lucky.

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