Campus Kitchen held a pancake race in the Square to mark Pancake Day, with a number of their staff taking part despite the cold conditions.

Pete McNultyAssistant manager Pete McNulty (l) and general manager Richard Baker (r) before their race. Photo: Chris Teale

The owners of Zest, Blend, Café Direct and Vista on campus spent around half an hour racing each other, to the surprise and amusement of students and staff in the area.

The course began at Zest, and saw participants first put on an apron and hat before running a lap of the Square while tossing a pancake in a frying pan. The first to return, having then removed their hat and apron was the winner, with all times recorded.

A number of staff members took part, including assistant manager Pete McNulty, sporting some very fashionable pink socks into which he tucked his trousers for extra speed.

The overall winner of the race was assistant departmental catering manager Danny Huthwaite, who won the grand prize of a bag of Wotsits crisps and a trophy for his tossing skills.

After the race, McNulty said Campus Kitchen were pleased with the event, and that they hoped the event would help show students their mission to enjoy food and have fun at the same time.

“It was brilliant,” he said. “I think everyone had a good time.

“We always want to show that we’re not stuffed shirts; we’re out there to be having a laugh and have a fun time with food.”

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Campus Kitchen pancake day race (1)Assistant manager Pete McNulty and his lucky socks. Photo: Chris Teale.

Campus Kitchen pancake day race (2)Winner Danny Huthwaite. Photo: Chris Teale.

Campus Kitchen pancake day race (3)The Campus Kitchen team. Photo: Chris Teale.

Campus Kitchen pancake day race (4)Flipping awesome. Photo: Chris Teale.