Photo: Channel 4
Photo: Channel 4

Cardinal Burns is the best sketch show you’re probably not watching. If you were to ask someone tomorrow if they’ve heard of it, yet alone enjoyed it, they’d probably say no and give you a rather funny look. Still, it’s their loss. They don’t the joys of the utterly unique, utterly bizarre brand of humour that Seb Cardinal and Dustin Demri-Burns have brought to the world.

Two episodes deep into the second series, the men are proving to be just as funny as their first outing. It takes a more satirical look at things this time round though, leaving behind some of the more ridiculous gags in the first season. It works though – we’re treated to more of the better characters, and who doesn’t want that? Banksy, that middle aged house-husband turned street artist, is still a highlight. Taking cheap shots at Banksy is fairly easy these days, and everyone and their nan has had a go insulting him at one point or another. The pair takes a fresh look at how best to skewer the graffiti artist with a PR Crew, and the result is utter hilarity.

Also making a most welcome return are the gay ghosthunters. This sounds pretty offensive already. If the writing wasn’t as brilliant as it is, it would be incredibly insulting (and not in the ‘ha ha’ way). Instead, they use the ghosthunters to parody the kind of show you see almost every night on some channel or another.

Do give Cardinal Burns a go. Just when you think sketch comedy has fallen flat on its face and died in television recently, they’ve electric shocked it back to life, full of vigour and laughs aplenty.

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