Cards Against Humanity against the world

For anyone aged under 30, and even for some over, the genre of card games is coupled strongly with Cards Against Humanity. If you are in the first week of Freshers, Cards Against Humanity is half of your life, taking up the majority of every night and exposing your new friends for who they really are. If you are in the second week of first year, chances are Cards Against Humanity is a worn out troupe that needs either a long break or a few extension packs to breath new life into it. CAH is marketed as the only game for adults to play, with practically everybody in university playing it at some point or another – and then eventually playing it until the cards become known and the outcomes predictable.

There is another way though. There are other card games to play. It will be worth it. These games might not be out and out as funny as CAH, with the element of unacceptable humour removed, but that doesn’t mean they are less enjoyable. These games are fun for another reason – strategy. Tactics are everything in some games, and you can use these to mentally torture your friends and make them curse you in envy. That’s much better than a punch line of ‘Deez Nuts’. Games like Exploding Kittens, Bucket of Doom, or Secret Hitler can be much more entertaining than CAH if played correctly, and can maintain this level of entertainment longer – not getting worn out after five sessions. There is a vast array of new and exciting card games out there for you and your friends, so why not give them a go? I repeat, Cards Against Humanity isn’t your only option for a fun night. Play around. You don’t have to abandon the game, but I guarantee it will be far better when it isn’t played at every social event.


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May 2021
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