Halloween is fast approaching and there is so much inspiration for costumes out there if you’re willing to go all out! These outfits are inspired by popular films and TV shows of 2017. The characters in this top 6 will undoubtedly dominate Halloween.

1. Stranger Things

With the return of Stranger Things, it’s highly likely you’ll be seeing people dressing up as eleven and other characters from the 80’s inspired show. The costumes can be rather simple, for instance El would be easy to achieve as all you will need is a pale pink dress and blonde wig. For Winona Ryder’s character, Joyce, you’ll need a green parker, a striped top and some jeans. Also, some battery-operated Christmas lights would be perfect!

2. It

The recent IT movie has been rather popular. It’s highly likely there will be many clowns roaming around. Pennywise requires a bit more effort to achieve his look, such as a wig, face paint, a clown costume and maybe even some false teeth. To completely engulf yourself in the character, creepy jigs are encouraged… If you loved the film, but want something easier, grab a yellow rain coat, make a paper boat and you’re all set as Georgie. Both costumes would also look great with a red helium balloon!

3. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a popular choice every year, but with the release of this year’s adaptation, there’s no surprise it has become even more popular in stores and online. Whether you’re buying the costume from a store or creating it yourself, Wonder Woman is a strong female lead to go as.

4. Disney 

If you’re looking for something less spooky, Emma Watson’s Belle is a great costume. There are a few of her outfits to choose from, such as her blue dress or extravagant yellow/gold ball gown. You could of course add some horror with fake blood and rips in the dress. Another popular female character from Disney this year is Moana. To achieve her outfit, you will need a red bandeau and a white midi skirt with a red scarf tied around the waist.

5. Twisty the Clown 

Twisty has also made a reappearance in the new season of AHS, and the costume isn’t too hard to find nowadays. Clowns have caused a stir this year and are probably the creepiest thing you could go as.

6. Atomic Blonde 

Lorraine has some iconic outfits, but her short white hair is what completes her look! She wears a lot of trench coats, sunglasses and amazing boots, which all tend to be black. If your hair is already short and platinum blonde, you’re ready to go, otherwise a wig will do. Depending on your style, you might already have similar pieces of clothing, which makes it even easier!