Carrie Bradshaw’s most iconic looks

In the wake of the announcement of Sex and the City’s return to our screens, it’s only fitting to look back at lead character Carrie Bradshaw’s most influential and iconic looks. 

Her first ever outfit is particularly memorable: a tiered white tutu paired with a tight pink top, worn in the show’s opening sequence. Its girly extravagance introduced us to Carrie’s personality and set the tone for the entire series. 

Statement pieces like the quintessential fur coat for winter and simple, black fitted dress for summer are what made Carrie’s style so relatable and timeless. And who can forget the gorgeous floaty floral dress she wore before humiliating herself falling into a pond on a hot summer’s day? 

A personal favourite of mine is the button-down white shirt and green satin mini-skirt ensemble: a perfect outfit for the after-work drinks the Sex and the City girls so often indulged in. 

Carrie’s unforgettable style did not come without some faux-pas, however. The infamous Dior black and white newspaper dress, though memorable, was not all that flattering. Neither was the mismatched ‘J’adore Dior’ t-shirt with puffy sleeves and oversized purple skirt from the SATC 2 film. 

But how might Carrie’s style look today? Her cowgirl-esque outfit could be updated by switching the bohemian skirt to Daisy Dukes, and the green tulle skirt from the show’s finale could be shortened and paired with a cropped jacket. I, for one, am excited to see Carrie’s style in the reboot, as she navigates life in the big city as a fifty-something woman.

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