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The recent downpour of rain has meant that more people want to stay inside, but what do you do for hours on your own? If you were a ‘Hardcore’ gamer you may decide that this week is the best opportunity to level up your Elder scrolls online character (that’s ESO for all you pro gamers!). Casual gamers seek the variety that rainy days like these can offer. 

You might be wondering what games a ‘casual gamer’ enjoys, even if it is secretly. Here are a few to get you going:

For those that like to completely hide from others, a turn-based game against a computer boss might be your idea of bliss. The surprisingly addictive ‘Slay the Spire’ is a great strategic, turn-based card game. Its main appeal is that you can plan out your route to the final boss and collect relics that give you much needed boosts. The futuristic blends well with the spiritual characters that you face – it is an exciting escapist world for you to become absorbed in.

Others may want to play with close friends, in which case the nostalgic ‘Spiro’ is a great choice which can be played on a console. The cutest purple dragon out there has to save his fellow dragons by unlocking them at each stage, which is where the story kicks in and you have conversations with each character you save. Fun for those who have younger siblings and can play them without being as competitive as other games require.

Maybe you like the simpler things in life? ‘Mini Metro’ certainly appears simple – just create and maintain a train system made up of colours and shapes, what can possibly go wrong? Turns out managing the London Underground is harder than it looks, you will lose the game if there is a station that gets too congested and you are limited by the number of carriages, trains, lines and bridges that you can use. Choose your placement of starting train lines carefully is the advice for this one.

And finally, for those that have a mischievous side, there is the ‘Untitled Goose Game’ where you play a goose and are set tasks that disrupt the humans around you. The first set of tasks include: ‘get the groundskeeper wet’ and ‘have a picnic’ – you know, common goose activities. The charm in this game comes from being able to honk and spread your wings; two features that really makes this game a joy to play.

A casual gamer can pick and choose between this selection and maybe even swap in some real-life games like board games or card games. It all depends on the mood, who they are able to play with and how long they want to play for – it could be short and sweet, or they could get wrapped up in the game and play for hours. 

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July 2021
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