Sex survey 2018

How casual does UEA keep it?

Out of the 820 responses given to the question ‘How many sexual partners have you had?’ the majority (44 percent) said they had had one to three, this slowly decreased towards the larger numbers but nearly 3 percent of those taking the survey admitted to having over 31 sexual partners since becoming sexually active.

The average number of sexual partners in the UK lies around nine, just under for women and over for men.

The average number at UEA lays somewhere between seven and ten, suggesting that students here fit in well with the national average.

Previous studies in the UK have found the over 60 percent of people had been in a friends with benefits situation.

Interestingly the percentage of students who admitted to having a ‘friends with benefits’ style relationship whilst at UEA was 47 percent, exactly the same percentage as those who said they hadn’t. The remaining 6 percent who said that they ‘weren’t sure’ need to perhaps have a moment of self-evaluation.

The number of people who answered that they had found a relationship from a dating app was 17 percent and the number of people who had used dating apps to find a one-night stand was 24 percent.

When you look at these stats there’s not actually a huge difference. However, in the US 50 percent of people using dating apps said that they had never had a one-night stand whilst using dating apps.

Obviously, the US and UK are very different countries *cough-Trump-cough* and those answering the questions may not have university age. It can be assumed that the older people get the more likely they’ll be looking for a serious relationship.


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