Catalonia: Crisis mounts

The situation in Catalonia is getting closer to breaking point, as the Spanish government has said it will meet to discuss invoking Article 155 of the national consitution. This would remove autonomy from Catalonia. The region’s leader Mr. Puigdemont has said the Parliament will vote on independence if Spain continues its repression. Direct rule from Madrid would likely constitute repression in the eyes of Mr Puigdemont, and potentially trigger an internal referendum vote in Parliament. This comes after the referendum on independence, which was declared illegal by the Supreme Court of Spain. Many within Catalonia accused the government of heavy handedness after a number of people were injured on independence day when riot police turned up. There was a counter protest the following week where a reported 350,000 people campaigned for Spanish unity.

Catalonian independence has been a long standing issue since the region was subjugated under the rule of General Franco.

There is widespread Catalonian resentment about treatment, with Madrid perceived as dominant, and the use of Barcalona’s wealth to fund poorer parts of Spain.


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