The dangers of pre-judicial tendencies in the media

When Emily Thornberry collapsed into bed the other week she had just resigned from her post as Shadow Attorney General. She hadn’t expected to...

Legalise them or not, the classification of drugs needs to change

Matthew Protz asks why there is a mis-match in classifying drugs, and explains how this could be misleading

Was DNC complacency to blame?

On reflection, one can see that it was Clinton’s world-view, and what she represented, that contrasted sharply with America’s disenfranchised voters. Clinton is an embodiment...

Israel, Palestine and the limits of self-defence

It’s both ignorant and offensive to label Israel’s treatment of Gaza “self-defence”. There is no hope of a peaceful outcome, says Oliver Balaam.

Why Romney fell at the last hurdle

Livvy Brown looks into why the Republican party and their leader Mitt Romney fell at the last hurdle.
Donald Trump. Photo: Wikimedia, Gage Skidmore

Trump’s relationship with the press is dangerous

“Journalism is printing what somebody else does not want printing, everything else is public relations”, a sentiment that the apparent “steaming pile of garbage”...