Younger Miliband won’t beat the ballot

Losses for the opposition and Labour's gains do not mean the party is likely to win the next general election. What's for certain is that the public are entirely fed up with politics.
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UEA 2018 grads: what did you think of Carrow Road?

Concrete asked UEA’s 2018 graduates what they thought of Carrow Road vs Congregation Hall. We wanted to know: how it went, would they do...
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In favour of Jo Johnson’s reforms

This holiday, Jo Johnson implemented reforms to the university system that have been labelled as the biggest in 25 years. Amongst these was the...

Is it time to get rid of student unions?

I’ve been at UEA for four years now and I’ve had a complicated relationship with the Student Union (SU) to say the least. I...

Comment editor explains his festive takeover

I find myself saying the sentence “politics is fun” far more than the average person. It’s mumbled to my mam, my sisters, my housemates...

Asexuality awareness needs improving

Elliot Folan follows on from Asexuality Awareness Week by highlighting the issues many asexuals face at university