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Sunday, May 24, 2020

The Tories are killing our country

The election is happening. A referendum on Brexit done through the medium of party politics. Exactly what we needed. Thus far, the polling seems to...
Jeremy Hunt's portrayal of Britain as 'lazy'.

The absurdity of Jeremy Hunt’s “cultural signal”

In spite of criticism of the cuts being made to Working Tax Credits (WTCs), Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has defended the Conservative Welfare Bill,...

Legalise them or not, the classification of drugs needs to change

Matthew Protz asks why there is a mis-match in classifying drugs, and explains how this could be misleading
DNA, pixabay

Meddling with DNA can make a positive impact

Scientists believe that they may be able to bring back the woolly mammoth. Well, technically, it wouldn’t be an actual woolly mammoth, but an...

Should we ban cars in cities: for the drivers

Hoping to tackle air pollution and reduce congestion, a Birmingham transport plan has been released which will ban private cars from driving through the...
The Dene, Sevenoaks. Photo: Jean Barrow, Geograph

Is the opening of Sevenoaks Grammar is a backwards step for equality in education?

England is set to see the opening of the first ‘new’ grammar school in over 50 years, following ministerial approval for Weald of Kent...