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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Boris, chaos and Corbyn: we need Cher

Apocalypse watchers are advised to get their bets in now. End-time odds have shortened considerably since Boris Johnson’s appointment as Foreign Secretary, and the...

Psychedelics and their unacknowledged benefits

So much of what we perceive as unacceptable and acceptable is based on an extremely limited socio-cultural experience. In the USA, morphine is rarely...

Democracy at risk from continued EU membership

While many dismiss anti-EU views as ‘blindly nationalistic’, there are serious concerns regarding continued EU membership. Influence of the European public on EU law...

The rise of ‘meninism’- a liberation movement with no place

Theodore Antoniou-Phillips on the worrying rise of 'menimism'.

The blurring of Blurred Lines

Harry Mason comments on the interpretation of Robin Thicke's number one single, Blurred Lines.
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Open letter to neighbours who called me “the wrong kind of foreigner”

Forgive any grammatical errors or mistakes in punctuation. I’m a foreigner. No, this isn’t a cry-me- a- river kind of letter. I’m not pissed...