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Thursday, April 2, 2020
Editor's column

Editor's column

‘In’,’Out’ and just too expensive

From the EU to UEA, change is all around us as Concrete prints again...I've always been somewhat suspicious of change. I know how I...
Pokemon Go illustration by Dougie Dodds

Editor’s Column: A week of bad ideas

It’s week three and most students have settled into a routine of LCRs, Unio coffee and 9am seminars. With most living on campus, myself...
NUS protest cartoon, by Dougie Dodds

Red, white and bemused

UEA has a bad rap in the national media. From Sombrero-gate, to banning The Sun, and cancelling a UKIP meeting, it isn’t hard to...
Editorial Cartoon illustrated by Dougie Dodds

Editorial: Is it really that rare?

Living in Norwich is a bit like living in a bubble, particularly if you are living on campus. Widely accepted as one of the...

Editor’s Column – 7th May 2014

It's a really exciting time here at Concrete and for UEA media in general. Not only has the new media hub recently been announced...

Free speech at UEA is at risk

Last week proved to be a very important week in relation to freedom of speech and censorship. First there was the revelation that universities...