The challenge of feeding the world’s growing population is set to be one of the most important issues to be dealt with by politicians in the coming decades. The “9 billion challenge”, as it is quickly becoming known, will...
Turf writer Becky Summers attempts not to cut herself on the thorny issue of Valentine's Day roses.
We forget that there is something science can’t tell us; that is, what we ought to do, and given the information provided by climatologists, taking action becomes unquestionable.
Regardless of whether you’re a climate sceptic or fully paid-up member of the eco brigade, it’s been hard not to notice the weather recently.
“I want to make a tree out of 163,000 paper cups somewhere on campus.” Yes, you heard right. Front of house manager for Zest, an outfit of UEA Catering that you are all probably familiar with, Matt Emery has some big ideas indeed.
Food security is one of largest humanitarian challenges facing future populations. The threat of climate change to crops is a hot topic.