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Norwich, UK
Thursday, April 9, 2020
Candidates for the Union of UEA Students elections were grilled by students at last night’s hustings, promising to protect clubs and societies funding, pledging to reduce the Union’s deficit and force the University to listen.
Campaigning for the annual Union of UEA Students elections opens today, and there is certainly a lot at stake this time around, writes Chris King.
News reporter Catherine Hardy reveals that 120 students surveyed by the Union of UEA Students paid over £26,000 in hidden course costs.
News editors James Dixon and Susanna Wood report on the Vice-chancellor's "bullish" plans for the future of UEA.
Anna Tomson details the Union of UEA Students' zero tolerance policy on sexual harrassment.
Joshua Resoun reveals that the Union of UEA Students is facing a deficit of £250,000 this year.