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Norwich, UK
Thursday, April 9, 2020
Joshua Resoun journeyed with UEA Travel Society on their spring term trip to the Spanish cities of Madrid and Barcelona, soaking up the tapas and paella culture, visiting some of the most famous architecture in the world, and finding out the true meaning of a Spanish fiesta.
Many students find temporary jobs in the UK to earn money over the long summer holidays. Gemma Devenish bucked the trend by finding an exciting job at an American theme park, experiencing the real culture of the USA and making friends from all over the world in the process.
When planning a holiday abroad, the countries that once formed Yugoslavia probably wouldn’t hold a very high place in the majority of potential destination lists, writes Samuel Foster.
Tuscany is known as one of the most romantic regions of the world, inspiring art from Michelangelo, thoughts from Machiavelli and words from Petrarch. Travel writer Rachael Lum explores some of the famous art galleries and takes in the stunning vistas that Tuscany is well known for.
Lauren Cope recounts her time spent on the Greek party destination Kavos.
Roberta Phillips discovers the culture and nightlife of modern Berlin, the once-divided city.