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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Gone for Good

I was convinced she would have come back,             (even though she had tucked our spaniel pup

Their Echoes

Everyday there’s someone new who doesn’t know.  Everyday there’s someone new who needs to be told old news.

Another day you happen to live

I'm one of those days you can't quite remember, when your body gets out of bed because that's what it does everyday,...

The Attic Head

The ceramics teacher wanted to make mothers of us, ‘Make yourself in your image,’ and we all got to work, squeezing these wet slabs, pressing, thumbing, stretching...

His Last Gift

She found his letters in a black chest in the attic, the morning after his funeral. Her eldest told her to be careful, but as...

Granny’s in the Attic

Mum and Dad say Granny is buried in a cemetery next to Grandpa and Aunty Susan. They say she died in her sleep on...