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Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Winter’s Night

Chris Jenkins uses the chilly weather as an inspiration for his poem 'Winter's Night.'


Is it the roof over your head? Warm food on your plate, Or the comfort of your bed? But what if it is not the place That takes...

Creative Writing: Unseen

Darkness fell. All at once, the room was gone, lost to the intangible clutches of the night. The soft hiss of a dead bulb...

Free country

It is the vibrations that wake you rather than the sound overhead that is like the low grumble of thunder. In the distance, you...

In the Mind of A Creative Writing Student

Interviewing a Creative Writing student is probably one of the easiest interviews anyone has ever had to do. Why? Because they all but write...

Creative Writing: Company

Occasionally, I run into myself. Like the other day, when I was walking home at 4:30 in the morning. I had a little black umbrella,...