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Creative Writing: Uninvited Guest

Knock knock Fear at my door Knock knock “Go away, I’m busy. Come back tomorrow.” Knock knock Knock knock Knock knock “Okay, okay, come in.” Fear is a terrible guest. Rampant, It wreaks havoc...

To exist [Yujad]

Kneeling before the Most High Forehead to floor Mumbling mantras which echo Through the ether. Prayers uttered by Kings and paupers Sermons timeless in their wisdom. Routine is the antidote...
Cultural. Illustration: Dougie Dodds for Concrete

Creative Writing – 3rd November

It’s hard to ignore the extraordinary displays of colour in autumn that confront us throughout October and November. On the worst of the grey...
Annie Tomkins


who scooped me out? who took a spoon from their draw and just started digging. digging at my pure, white, vanilla flesh. now you have only my vessel left. did i taste...
photo: pexels, kaboompics,

The Trees

It was one of those not-quite-autumn days. One of her favourite kind of days. One of those days where it was still warm enough...

Creative Writing: That Time

Another amazing piece by creative writer Silvia Rose.