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Creative Writing

Creative Writing

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The Norwitch

“On a simply dark and dingy night a cackle could be heard from across the lake. It was wicked, screeched and ghastly. The Norwitch...
Annie Tomkins


who scooped me out? who took a spoon from their draw and just started digging. digging at my pure, white, vanilla flesh. now you have only my vessel left. did i taste...


Will had perched on the edge of their bed. He brushed Danielle’s cheek with his thumb, and told her he was going for a...


I often think about all the loose threads I throw away. How many times I’ve cut the circulation in my thumb whilst pulling a...

When we reflect

When we reflect I see you but I can’t see me in you. I...
Hugo Douglas-Deane


You are half a world away, out of reach and out of sight, and yet you never really left. You have always been with...