Why are we so bothered by celebrities?

Social media and international news erupted recently with the much debated controversy about Miley Cyrus’s dancing, a booty shaking dance known as twerking. Twitter pages erupted, Facebook group spawned and it was debated whether this was appropriate – oh, and there’s that little other thing that we may be going to war with America against Syria, too.


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Another month, another issue of people believing that celebrity culture owes us something. People appear to get celebrities confused with investing, just because you watched Hannah Montana or preordered Cyrus’s upcoming album, Bangerz, does not mean she owes us anything. Perhaps we could argue that it wasn’t the most appropriate performance with children present, but maybe a female embracing her sexuality shouldn’t be punished n 2013, and being mad at her for doing so is like criticizing someone else for eating a donut when we’re on a diet.

Yet scrolling through Facebook, it’s hard to find mention that America and England are going off on another quest of how the world should live to invade Syria. Perhaps it’s an unfortunate statement of our culture that we’re more concerned about what happens at the VMA awards rather than a country many people didn’t know the name off. God damn it, let’s focus on keeping our kids mind’s clean before we focus on blowing up others, seems to be the thoughts of some.

If we truly live in a culture where riding a foam finger is scorned, yet so many social and political crimes go ignored, it doesn’t raise the question of why do people do this – but more so the question of why do we care? Maybe none of us would have known about the war in Iraq if Britney timed her break down just a bit better, or 9/11 wouldn’t have got so much news coverage if Mel Gibson went out on another debacle. When news reporters look into the camera and say these things, it’s shocking there’s life behind their eyes. If you don’t want to see Miley Cyrus dancing, don’t, and stop talking about it, yet if only not going to war was as simple a choice the world would be a less hateful place.


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