You’ve made it through the lengthy dissertations and late-night revision sessions to graduation, so now it’s time for a new challenge, what to wear for the big day? Your graduation photos will undoubtedly be passed around grandparents and extended family and will undoubtedly work their way into a prime place on the mantel piece so looking good is key, but don’t fear, we have all the tips you need for graduation outfit success.

graduation dresses - asosPhoto: Blogspot


The Colour

Whatever your degree, the UEA graduation gowns are blue so bear this in mind when choosing the colour of your dress. Blue robes are a great colour to work with as they team well with a variety of fabulous summer pastel shades from mint green to lilac or if you’re feeling bold, a stunning lemon yellow. Black is also a wearable colour but if the sun is shining on graduation day, pastel shades are a winning colour as they’re more celebratory and will look reat in the photos.


The Length

Keep the length classy, not too short! Aim for something just above the knee to line up with your robes. Stay clear of maxi dresses as they don’t work as well with mid-length robes and more liable to trip over. Remember you might be going for dinner before or after the ceremony so make sure that you feel elegant and the dress works as you move from the day time to the evening.


The Fit

You might be tempted to go all out and rock a tight fitting bodycon number to wow the crowds, but don’t forget that inevitably in a graduation ceremony there’s a lot of sitting and waiting so comfort is a priority! You want to get the most out of the day so you don’t want to be constantly readjusting your outfit.


The Alternative

If dresses aren’t your thing, why not try a cute blouse and bright a-line skirt. Alternatively, go bold and opt for
a pair of fitted patterned or coloured trousers and a crisp white blouse for a great graduation look. A blouse or shirt as a great alternative look and the buttons are super handy for hooking your graduation hood onto.


The Shoe

Again, Goldilocks rules apply, not too low and not too high! Everyone loves a good stiletto, but don’t forget that you’re going to be on your feet all day… So be warned, you want to remain upright when you walk across that stage! If you want to add height, opt for a summery wedge or chunky heel for style as well as stability. If you’re sticking to flats why not try a floral T-bar or loafers for added comfort and sophistication.

The main rules that apply for graduation style success is comfort and confidence. It gets hot under those robes and add in nerves and it’s going to be toasty, so keep your cool with a chic outfit and maybe a pair of sunglasses and enjoy the day.