Changing my degree out of boredom

Pretty much everything in my life changed within the space of a few hours. And why? I’ve switched courses at the UEA – from BA Politics and International Relations to BSc Psychology – 1st year on both courses. Roughly 280 people switched courses this academic year and last academic year. This is the story of why I decided to switch courses, the emotional and practical steps I took in deciding which course to choose, and the story of how this transition has felt ever since. 

Spoiler alert: I regret nothing. Let me rewind back to January of this year. Yes, there really was a time before Covid took over the world. I took an intercalation for a wide range of reasons, meaning you’re a student but not a student: you can’t access teaching or accommodation, but you can access the library as well as access to support services. At the time, it felt like a lot of uncertainty, but it was the right decision for me.

Earlier this year, I became determined to return to the course as a first year. Fast forward to this new academic year and I’m excited to be back at university. However, I wasn’t enjoying my course because of the essential readings being similar to last year; in simple terms, I needed a new challenge, something different to spark my curiosity. 

The process of choosing a new course was complicated, challenging and time consuming. Browsing the UEA’s website through the A-Z of courses, I made a shortlist: BA Management and Marketing, BA Liberal Arts, BSc Computing science, BA Law and BSc Psychology. Management and marketing was full, and I didn’t want to intercalate so I eliminated BA Liberal Arts as it only starts in September. Whilst BA law appeals to some, I hesitated at the prospect of choosing a degree that failed to satisfy my personal interests. 

My proficiency in maths is rather shallow thus computing science lacked the same appeal of BSc Psychology. The emotional rollercoaster of making the decision impacted almost every area of my life: nothing was right until this was sorted. I was relieved to find my course transfer was later approved, and started almost immediately.

As of writing this, I’ve been on my course 11 days. It feels like a first day at school so I’m trying not to be too judgemental about the course as these are still early days. Having made the decision, I feel more motivated and optimistic about my academic future. I’ve still got plenty more catching up to do as a latecomer to the course, but I’m excited by this baptism of fire. 

After all, what’s the point of going to university if it doesn’t encourage you to try something new? 


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Laurence Scott

June 2021
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