Chaos in Kavos

Holidays with friends are becoming a rite of passage for any teenager heading off to university or while they are at university. The chance to spend a week away from the parents in a sun, sea and sex soaked island with friends is an offer that any newly turned eighteen year old or party-loving twenty-something can’t refuse. It is the final hurrah before we head off to university to begin hard work or, more realistically, start how we plan to spend the next three years. BBC Three’s Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents has furthered the popularity of teenage drinking holidays, graphically showing the bits we can’t quite remember.

I went to the Greek island of Corfu and stayed in the party resort Kavos with four of my best friends for my eighteenth birthday. Kavos is known for having great nightlife, but also has a reputation for being the dirtiest of the party islands. We luckily managed to book a hotel that was rated the best in Corfu and escaped that side of it. The hotel was, however, packed with teenagers and boasted a legendary bartender called Billy. Unlike lots of the television programmes where people are taken to hospital with broken legs or pumped stomachs, we were lucky and enjoyed a drama free holiday. Our worst problems amounted to nothing more than severe hangovers and sunburn. It was certainly an experience. Going out every night for a week, spending the days recovering by the pool and laughing about the night before with your best friends is difficult to top. Despite a large part of the week being a drunken blur of cocktails, fancy dress and dancing, Kavos was definitely one of the best weeks of my life.

The best thing I did on my holiday was the booze cruise. We stepped aboard the boat at 10am and downed a breakfast of cocktails before making our first stop at an idyllic sandy beach where they put on a barbecue and offered water sports. Paragliding and the banana boats gave us some of the funniest memories of the week.
A cave rave was next, complete with cans of shaving foam and hundreds of us dancing on the boat in the cave. Sex games  followed and, in particular, the best blowjob on a cucumber and mock lap dance competitions were hilarious. Returning home with a great soundtrack and an seemingly endless supply of cheap drinks made it one of my favourite days. It was made all the better knowing we had a great evening out lined up for that night.

One thing I miss about the party islands is the sheer amount of free drinks offered. Reps line the strip offering you eight shots and a cocktail for £2 or five cocktails for £3. The drink prices are so cheap and the reps are so forceful, that it is impossible to avoid drinking way more than you should every night. Even more so when it’s a birthday. Telling people I was turning 18 basically got my friends and I two free nights. My birthday was a bar crawl beach rave, starting off with the reps buying me a drink called “black death”, a cocktail of fifteen shots of different spirits. They made me consume said beverage standing on a bar stool while everyone there sang me happy birthday. This was certainly a unique way to celebrate your 18th. The night ended up as a blur on a beach party with us all in neon outfits. I’d share all the pictures with you, but I’m not sure they’re Concrete appropriate.


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January 2022
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