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Charlie’s Angels: Rebooted

The iconic ‘70s TV show, Charlie’s Angels is being rebooted by Elizabeth Banks (writer and director). The stars of the film Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska, and Naomi Scott take a tried and tested formula and make it relevant. It could perhaps spark a new era for the franchise by releasing it to a new audience. 

For those who haven’t watched the iconic ‘70s show, or multiple films e.g. the reboot, which was released in 2000 starring Cameron Diaz, the core concept is a mysterious figure known as Charlie recruits and trains women to fight crime in usually ridiculous situations. However, the newest release keeps the tradition alive but adds a new quality to the storytelling that’ll make it popular with action fans as well as those looking for some nostalgia. But being honest, there isn’t anything that looks terrible or even unwatchable, the trailer just didn’t really spark a major interest for me. Even though, I do like the idea of rebooting the classic to make it relevant and celebrating the differences in women, I feel like the trailer could’ve used some more of the iconic references alike at the end with the pose and the close-up shot of the ‘speaker’ where we hear Charlie’s voice. 

On the other hand, I do think that the trailer shows a sense of female empowerment through the use of quick-cut editing of the action scenes as we are shown snippets of the jampacked action we get in the movie. As well as the strong, independent representation of women, there is still a sense of sexualisation within the film as this is what Charlie Angels are known for. In particularly, in the first scene of the trailer we see Kristen Stewart seducing a man before it breaks out into a fight scene. 

So, I do think that the film will be entertaining for fans of the franchise as I feel they will be intrigued to see how the film turns out. However, I do think I will see the film to get a sense of the franchise but also how they have slightly adjusted the iconic film to cater to the audiences today. 

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